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Having a pet can have a ton of benefits for pet owners. Pets are additional companions and relieve stress. But what happens when they get sick? Of course, they need the necessary intervention to remedy the situation. San Antonio Vet can provide various services to pets, with our committed team of professionals heading the frontlines. Pet owners can be put at ease knowing that their furry companions are in capable hands. Domesticated animals have a shorter lifespan; giving them the best care possible can extend their lives.


Because San Antonio Vet has services ranging from laboratory services, pharmacy, and medical at affordable prices for the pet and the pet owner, you won’t be bothered with tests and other services, we’ll save you the time and trouble by providing them for you at our facility, and we also do home services. Every staff at San Antonio Vet has capabilities in providing care for both medical and emotional needs. With years of experience gained in veterinary medicine, which is well received by San Antonio vet review. What makes us unique is that our compassion and love for animals push us to work even harder to make animals feel loved. With even the latest technology, we’re very confident that we can deliver the most excellent services.



When it comes to knowing what’s wrong with our pets, they can’t communicate their thoughts and feelings. A basic assessment can be done to identify specific problems. However, if your pets have concerns that the naked eye can’t solve, then this is where diagnostic tools are used to determine to the root cause. San Antonio Vet has the latest technology when it comes to analyzing your pet’s blood. This will significantly benefit pet owners because we have our laboratory, so we don’t need to send out the blood to laboratories; we do it right here. Even though your pets look healthy on the outside, having their blood analyzed every year. Animals age rapidly compared to humans, a slight change in their blood work might tell us possible conditions that can be detrimental in the future. Some conditions include:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Endocrine problems
  • Other blood-related diseases
We want your pets to look good and feel fresh, just like us humans when we have our haircut, having a relaxing time at the spa. We can make their fur shine and become stronger so that shedding can be minimized and eliminate fleas.
We have a variety of foods and medicines at affordable prices here at San Antonio Vet. We also conduct online selling for hassle-free transactions. You know you’ll get the best service at our facility.
We can handle emergencies in saving your pets for any injury or trauma; make sure to call us ahead of time to make the necessary arrangements. We also conduct spaying neutering for pets for various reasons. Our surgery is done in a sterile manner; we want to eliminate the spread of infection. When significant surgeries are done, this will require sedation. But before the sedation happens, we conduct blood work to determine if your pet can take the anesthesia. Our technicians will monitor their condition during the surgical process and make sure nothing terrible will happen to your pets. Another thing to watch out for is nausea and vomiting when they wake up from the surgery. That’s why we always take the necessary precautions.


We have been in the service of providing veterinary care for more than a decade. We consider your pets as our own when they are in our care. After all, we are also pet owners. For your pet needs, be sure to call San Antonio Vet.