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Pet Grooming in San Antonio: The Perfect Place for your Pet’s Grooming Needs

It is essential to groom your pet regularly to keep them clean, good-looking, and healthy. Other benefits of grooming are being able to familiarize yourself with your pet’s body and detect issues before they get worse. It is crucial to your pet’s preventive care.

Pet Grooming in San Antonio is a professional pet grooming service provider that has been in the business for several years. They provide dog grooming in San Antonio to help dog owners provide the best care to their beloved pets. We are here to help you with your dog’s everyday skin and coat care. And Pet Hospitals San Antonio, we also offer various treatments to allow you to choose the one that suits best to your pets.

What Includes in Our Pet Grooming Service

General Health Check
Our professional groomers will conduct an overall check of your dog to see if there is something that may need attention, such as swelling, cuts, or heat. They will also inspect your dog to ensure that their eyes are bright and clear, their teeth are not broken, their ears are odorless and clean. Your dog’s skin, coat, nails, and pads will also be checked if there is anything wrong.
Bath and Shampoo
We offer at least two baths to ensure we get even the most hidden dirt in the undercoat of your dogs. Dogs with an oily coat or those who love to play around in the dirt may require additional baths or a special shampoo.
Blow Dry
Our groomers will blow dry your dog to prepare them for grooming, and it prevents the unpleasant smell that wet dogs may have.
Hair Brush and Style
Once your dog is dried, we will brush their hair to remove excess hair, undercoat and reduce shedding. After brushing, we will cut their hair depending on their breed and what you ask for. Whether you want the actual breed cut, puppy cut, or make up your own style, our groomers will accommodate your wishes.
Nail Trim
To keep your dog comfortable and healthy, nail trims are essential. Long nails may hit hard surfaces, which may exert force back into the nail bed and cause the foreleg joints to realign. We will trim your dog’s nails with a clipper, a Dremel, or both to keep their nails healthy.
Dental Cleaning
We have a dog dentist San Antonio that will provide dental cleaning to your dog and keep their teeth clean and free from plaque and bacteria. Your dog’s teeth will be brushed carefully and thoroughly to ensure that their mouth is clean and there is no unpleasant smell.
Ear and Eye Cleaning
Our groomers will check your dog’s ear and the area around their eyes to ensure it is clear of gunk or mucus. We will clean the dirt and debris out of the ears and around the eyes to prevent foul smells and infection. If there is any hair inside, we will trim it if necessary.
Clean and Trim Pads
Dirt and debris may get trapped on the hair on your dog’s feet and inside their pads, which can cause the hair to mat and can cause pain and discomfort. We will clean out and trim up these areas to ensure your dog is comfortable and clean.

Call Us for Professional Grooming Service

At Pet Grooming in San Antonio, we understand that every dog is unique and has different grooming needs. So we will provide them the service they need based on their breed, size, coat, and temperament. Give us a call to know more about our grooming service!