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Humans are not the only beings that need medications. Our furry little friends can also have prescribed medications. When your pet exhibits symptoms of pain or an illness, your Vet San Antonio may prescribe some medicines for them. Some of these pet medications are available at our meds for pets San Antonio. Along with pet medication TX, we provide medicine for pets in TX.

Our pets can manifest symptoms that are pretty similar to what we experience. The medication prescribed is quite similar too. For example, dogs and cats can be subjected to bacterial infections and may be prescribed amoxicillin, which is similar to what humans take. Although you may be tempted to share your medications with your pets, it is not advisable. It can harm your pets instead of making them feel better. In some cases, it can become like poison to them.


One of the things that animals and humans can agree on is that medicines do not have an appealing taste. That is why administering medications to your pets can be a stressful ordeal. Here are a few tips and tricks that may help you make your pets consume their medicines.

Think of it as playing a game. You toss them treats in a game of catch. They would not be able to notice that one of the treats that they have caught is their medication. And even if they did, they will not be able to do anything about it. Another strategy for distracting dogs would be to take them out for a walk. In the middle of the walk, take out a treat and give it to them. With so many sights, sounds, and smells around them, they would not notice that they are already taking their medication.
Hide it in their food
When it is meal time, hide the pills in your pet’s food. Dogs love to gobble up their food, especially after an exciting day of play. You can also try to cover it up with their favorite treats. With their favorite treats presented to them, who can resist? A small note of caution. Do not try to crush or dissolve the pill in your pet’s food or water without consulting the advice of a vet. Some medications can lose their effectiveness when crushed or dissolved before consumption.
The competition strategy only works if you have multiple pets at home. You can give your pet a command and give a treat as a reward in front of the others. Your pets would become excited with the new competition, not knowing that one of the treats contains the medicine. Another way you can do it is by handing out treats to all your pets, giving the medicine to the one who needs it. When there is competition present, dogs will try to wolf down the treat as quickly as possible.
Have the taste altered
Your pets tend to be picky because of the taste of the medicine. You can use a compounding pharmacy to appeal to your pet’s taste. Compounding pharmacies can turn your pet’s hard-to-swallow pill into something tasty that they would like. You can ask our meds for pets San Antonio for any tasty medications that can be administered to your pets with ease. However, keep in mind that not all medications can be turned into something delicious.
Have someone help you
For liquid medications, you would have to deliver the medication directly to your pet’s mouth to make sure that they consume all of it. This can be quite tricky or quite a struggle. Ask someone to help you hold down your pet while you pour or squeeze the medication in the mouth.


When finding the right medicine for pets in TX, you can contact our meds for pets San Antonio. We will do our best to assist you. If you are still having difficulty getting your pet to take its meds, you can have us administer it directly for you.