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Animals are unpredictable living creatures. It is difficult for pet owners to understand their pets’ behaviors that we sometimes overlook something we see as “an animal thing” when in fact, it is a symptom of a certain sickness. Situations are also unpredictable. Accidents tend to happen and as pet owners, we are responsible for protecting our pets from these incidents. Some animals develop certain illnesses not because their pet owners ignored them but because, unlike humans, they cannot express their pain or tell about their symptoms. We often notice changes in our pets’ behavior while at home, at an awkward time to visit the Vet In San Antonio.

When these things happen, you can always count on Emergency Vet San Antonio to help you and your pet out. We have services available for emergencies and our facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our goal is to provide the best medical care and treatment to animals no matter where they are, whenever.


Emergency Vet San Antonio is your typical facility for pets. We have a team of professional veterinarians and their staff who can assist you and your pet with your concerns. What makes our facility different from the others is that we are open 24/7 which means, we can address issues no matter what time of the day it is. Our facility is also well-equipped with tools and gadgets that aid in the treatment of different kinds of animals. We also have supplies of medicines and essential items to treat traumatic injuries, internal ailments, and more. Our veterinarians are all licensed to heal and are very skilled when it comes to treating pets. Combine that with our modern techniques in treatment, as well as our cutting-edge and technological medical gadgets; your pet will surely be treated in no time.

You can trust that our team can provide the best medical care and treatment to your pets. We also treat wild animals who need medical attention or are involved in accidents. Our highly skilled veterinarians can treat injuries well.

You can come to our facility at any time of the day for your pet to be checked and treated by our veterinarians. However, if your pet is in an accident or if it is impossible to move or transport them to the facility, our pet ambulance can come to pick you and your pet up, or our veterinarians can come to your house and treat your pet in the comforts of your own home. Our hotlines are always open to receive calls regarding emergencies. Our ambulance rigs are equipped with the proper tools and kits to perform emergency procedures on the road or on the scene. Our team is well-trained in crisis management and can quickly respond to any emergency.


We understand how pet owners would like their pets to be treated in a hospital. Emergency Vet San Antonio ensures that our team can quickly respond to medical emergencies no matter where you are, whenever. If you have any inquiries about the services we offer, our facilities and our staff, do not hesitate to contact us. For your emergency needs, contact our hotline to have our first responders come to you immediately.